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Johnny Winter Signature

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Johnny Winter Signature

Quick Overview:



First 50 Guitars will be Signed/Numbered By
 Johnny Winter Estate
and Dean Zelinsky
  • Ultra-Thin, Lightweight Body
  • Highly Engraved Custom Top
  • Carved Mahogany Back
  • Carved Maple Top
  • Flame Maple
  • Natural Wide Scrape Binding
  • Set Neck
  • Locking Tuners
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Dean Zelinsky Stop Tail Piece
  • Dean Zelinsky 'Custom' Humbuckers
  • 24 Frets / 25.5" Scalelength
  • Signed and Numbered COA - Limited First 50
  • Tweed Tolex Hard Case


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Compare at: $3,999.00

Buy Direct - Only $2,999.00


JOHNNY WINTER SIGNATURE - Winter's highly engraved, ultra-thin Signature Model Guitar

Listen to the Johnny Winter Signature Guitar:





Johnny Winter has been my childhood, guitar-playing idol since as early as I can remember and I am excited to be building Johnny’s signature guitars.


Though I have met many top artists over the years, for some reason, Johnny's and my path never crossed with the exception of a brief chat at a guitar show at Madison Square Garden sometime back in the 80’s. I guess I was just content with meeting Johnny and left business out of the conversation. This was not unusual for me, many of the artists I have built guitars for over the years, started out as a friendship. 


However, deep down I knew having my long-time idol, Johnny Winter, play my guitars would really make my guitar-building career complete. Furthermore, Johnny never had a true signature model and an artist this incredible deserved a really cool signature guitar.


I met Johnny for a second time…it was a chance meeting in a parking lot after a show in 2011. We exchanged numbers and I said I would like to build you a guitar. I had been designing ultra-thin guitars and knew the style was perfect for Johnny. I put everything I knew Johnny would like into this guitar and then engraved the hell out of it including Johnny’s name prominently embossed in the top. Johnny loved the guitar, actually told me it was the prettiest guitar he had ever seen. Of course as with any artist, he had his own preferences and we continued to refine his stage guitar. We later spoke about the signature line and entered into a formal agreement shortly before his passing.


Johnny was a great guitar playing inspiration and became a great friend. He even gave me some impromptu guitar lessons. We see artists on stage and they seem so uniquely different…but its when they get off stage that you realize how truly different they are. Johnny was as odd, quirky, witty, confident and brilliant as anybody I have ever met. It’s an honor to have known him and an honor to be building his signature guitar.


With this, I present to you the "Johnny Winter Signature” Dean Zelinsky Guitar.




The First 25 Signature Guitars will be signed and numbered by Dean Zelinsky, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Winter’s wife, Susan Winter for the Johnny Winter Estate, and Dean Zelinsky. This guitar comes complete with Tweed Tolex Hard Case.


The Johnny Winter Signature Model features an ultra-thin Mahogany/Maple body sporting a highly engraved top. Weighing in at 7lbs, the Johnny Winter Signature model is a very comfortable and effortless guitar to play all night long. 

The single-cut body offers easy access up until the last fret, and the highly contoured top and back gives a true custom shop feel (not to mention the intricite engraved top). Johnny's unique combination of 24 frets and a 25-1/2" scale helped give that signature tone. 


The Dean Zelinsky Custom Humbuckers are hotter and brighter than most pickups to acheive those true Johnny Winter Signature tones. Designed to offer clean warm tones and be very articulate in the lower register. Controls are a master volume and master tone with a coil tap for both pickups.



Johnny Winter Signature Necks are made of Canadian Maple with Dean Zelinsky’s signature slight 'V' profile; eliminating wood where your hand comes in most contact with the neck. The neck is contoured into the heel for easy playing all the way up the fretboard. Necks are designed with Dean Zelinsky’s nearly four decades of experience, creating guitars that are effortless to play.


Brushed Satin Nickel Locking Tuners with a 20:1 ratio are a standard feature. Headstocks feature a rosewood veneer with Dean Zelinsky’s signature logo in a bright nickel finish and Johnny Winter silkscreen logo.

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  • Construction/Scale  -  Set Neck/25.5"
  • Body  -  Carved Mahogany Back with Carved Canadian Rock Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer
  • Engraving  -  Johnny Winter Custom Desgined Engraving
  • Neck  -  Maple w/ Contoured Heel
  • Neck Profile  -  Soft 'V' Medium-Thin
  • Nut Width  -  1-11/16"
  • Headstock  -  Rosewood Veneer w/Bright Nickel Dean Zelinsky Logo
  • Fingerboard  -  Rosewood / 12" Radius
  • Frets  -  24 Medium-Jumbo
  • Inlays  -  MOP Dots
  • Binding  -  None
  • Pickup - Neck  -  Dean Zelinsky 'Custom' Humbucker | Alnico V Magnets | 10.2k
  • Pickup - Bridge  -  Dean Zelinsky 'Custom' Humbucker | Alnico V Magnets | 15.4k
  • Electronics  -  Vol/Tone/3-Way Switch
  • String Gauge  -  0.010 - 0.046 Gauge (Contact us for alternative gauges)
  • Tuners  -  20:1 Ratio Locking Tuners
  • Hardware  -  Brushed Satin Nickel
  • Bridge/Tail  -  Dean Zelinsky Tune-O-Matic/Dean Zelinsky Stop Tailpiece
  • High Gloss Finish  -  Dark Walnut
  • Weight  -   7.0-7.5 lbs